Intellecy BluView™

The Smart Water System with Leak Protection

Intellecy BluView-The Smart Water Meter
  • Detects water leaks anywhere in your home.

  • During a water leak, shut off your water remotely to protect against extensive damage.

  • Monitor your water use in realtime to prevent surprisingly high water bills.

  • Track your water conservation goals to save water and money.

Introducing Intellecy BluView – The Smart Water System with Leak Protection

Motorized Water Valve


More than just a water leak detector

It’s a whole home leak monitoring system

Prevents costly, wide-spread water damage   

Using the valve controller, you can quickly and remotely shut off water 

Helps you manage and save water in real-time

Alerts you when you’re wasting water and using more water than what’s normal for you

You’ll have peace of mind

Protecting your home against water damage and your bank account with real-time water management

Intellecy Smart Water Manager

Imagine you’re away from home and a leak happens.

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When no one is using water, water pressure builds. Over time, the fluctuating water pressure weakens pipes and joints, even new ones.

That is why about 1 in 2 homes will experience a damaging water leak.

With BluView you'll know of a leak right away.

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BluView detects leaks anywhere in your home and immediately notifies you via the system alarm, the app, text and or email.

Knowing of the leak early will allow you to stop it before it spreads and causes extensive damage.

Use the BluView app to shut off your water from anywhere.

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With the motorized water valve, you can quickly turn off your water right from your smartphone.


smart water meter

  • track your water in real time

Manage your water as you go

Set and track your personalized conservation goals to save water and manage your water bill.

  • save water

Know of abnormally high water use and water wasting events in real time

Know that you’re wasting water early enough to do something about it.

You’ll be notified when you are using more water than normal.

Save water, save money.

  • lower your water bill

Protect your home against water leaks

Manage your water use, manage your bill